Ride Across America for Diapers

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On July 8, 2012 Pastor Eric Shadle began a cross-country bicycle trip from Richland, Washington and on September 5, 2012 he rode into  Silver Spring, Maryland on the outskirts of Washington DC. He embarked on this adventure to raise awareness of the need many children have for diapers in this country. Most of us are not even aware of such a need and we need to do more!

Eric's goal in riding across America was not only to raise awareness for this need, but to raise $250,000 to purchase 1,000,000 diapers for babies in need.   As he crossed the country, Eric had numerous ongoing conversations with people in towns all across America about this need. 

To learn more about our organization or his trip, please email him (Click Here) or call anytime at  (509) 946-8807 OR  (509) 948-6931.

Thank you for your interest in diaper need across America!

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