The Tri-Cities Diaper Bank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that collects diapers through community diaper drives and partners with local agencies who distribute them to infants in need through established programs and guidelines. WIC and FOODSTAMPS do not allow families to purchase diapers. Daycare facilities require parents to provide disposable diapers. Without disposable diapers, a parent may not have access to childcare essential for them to make work, school and job training commitments. A lack of diapers, also forces desperate parents to choose between leaving babies in soiled diapers for extended periods or trying to wash and reuse disposable diapers. The Tri-Cities Diaper bank is dedicated to ending diaper need throughout the Tri-Cities.

Current Needs:

  • Our biggest need is for FUNDS for DIAPERS!  Please consider making us your charity!
  • CONTACT US AT: TEL:  509-946-8807 or EMAIL: myrichlandchurch@gmail.com

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Tri-Cities Diaper Bank