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The Mind Body Connection
Two days before I began my ride across America to raise awareness and money for diapers, I talked with my coach, Chris Bagg. He had only been coaching me for 3 weeks, but his training schedule had made it possible for me to at least...>>Read More

Can I Really Do This?
Can I really do this? This is the question I asked myself one month before I was to begin my ride across America on July 8, 2012. It was early June and I could not ride 50 miles on two consecutive days. My schedule for the ride across...>>Read More

The Headwinds of Life
I am in the midst of a 16 week training schedule to increase the amount of power I can attain on the bike. So yesterday I was instructed to maintain a 92 rpm cadence for 1.5 hours at a heart rate between 125-133. This seemed like an easy...>>Read More

A Trip to the Tailor…
Early on the morning of September 6, the day after the completion of my ride, I was getting ready for our trip into Washington, D.C. for our appointments on Capitol Hill. I was excited for the opportunity and thought it best to wear a...>>Read More

The Ride, Technology, and the Transition
I’m a big fan of technology. I bought my first personal computer (PC) in 1984 and taught myself how to use the data base and word processor. My PC did not survive the move to the Philippines and this is when I bought my first Apple...>>Read More

The End… Time for Transition
The fundraising to meet the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) matching donation of $62,500 ended on September 22. And we did it! We more than matched the NDBN’s generous donation. That means this ride has brought in more than...>>Read More

Day 1 Post-Ride in Washington, DC – The Journey Begins
The ride may be over, but the journey has just begun. Alison Weir, Program Director for the National Diaper Bank Network, took Pam and me on a fascinating and educational trip into the heart of government today. Because of my ride,...>>Read More

Day 60 to Silver Spring, MD – Finding the Way
My last ride of the trip may have only been 62 miles, but it felt more like 92. The traffic was extremely congested and the driving was very aggressive giving me little room for error. It took all the concentration and biking skills I...>>Read More

Day 59 to Marshall, VA – The Kingdom of God
Today I experienced the kingdom of God expressed through the generosity and love of others. I had a sheriff escort along with 8 other riders for the first 30 miles into Strassburg, VA. And when I say a sheriff escort I mean one sheriff...>>Read More

Day 58 to New Market, VA – Connections
The bike ride has truly become secondary by this time. As I rode from Vesuvius this morning I was attacked by another dog that required two doses of Mace before leaving me alone followed by another climb of 16% grade. Two hours later...>>Read More

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DIAPER TOTAL - 502,463 Diapers!

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Lonny Nelson
2012-07-05 8:31 PM

This is awesome to see you devote this much effort into a cause that impacts every community and serves to help localy and nationally!  I am so behind you in this effort.  My prayers include you Pastor Eric and this cross country freight train of 1,000,000 diapers!  I'll see you in Kansas!

Gerald Haeger
2012-07-09 12:54 PM

Hi Eric,

I am moved by the commitment you have made to many babies, small children, and young families that often are marginalized in our society. May God go with you on your journey granting you the energy, stamina, and grace needed for every circumstance. I also pray for your protection.



Keeni Mitchell
2012-07-09 2:25 PM

A group of us stopped for dinner after spending the day cheering Eric on.  We decided to share information about the diaper ride with a young couple sitting outside the restaurant.  The young man told us that earlier that day he had a friend who was out of diapers and had no money.  She was making makeshift diapers out of towels and old clothes.  As I listened to the story it made me realize how widespread the need for diapers is.  I am encouraged and motivated by the committment that Eric has to make a difference for these small babies that have no voice of there own. 
"Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."  Matthew 25:40

Renee Martin
2012-07-17 2:04 PM

Hi Pastor and Team!  Wonderful to see how far you are getting and "learn" through you the importance of flexibility in walking with God!  You and your team area a constant inspiration to all of us!  Keep on riding for His glory!

2012-07-23 5:16 PM

What a fantastic way to help a good cause and to also experience God's second book, nature, the whole way! Who could ask for a better opportunity. Beautiful pictures! Also enjoy reading your daily blog and how you give it a spiritual ending. Keep pedaling! :)