ATTENTION!!  Please be aware that the Mapping of Pastor Eric is only possible when Pastor Eric has cell phone coverage.  Without coverage it will look as though he is stopped.   No cell service means we will not be able to track his progress. Keep checking back!

Video Updates to the Media Page give personal accounts of Pastor Eric's journey.  Check it out!

7-11-12  Pastor Eric reported the following in an email sent from his phone: "I made it to Lolo today. We are right on schedule."

7-10-12 They made it to Kamiah, Idaho safely last night (Monday) and are on schedule! Pastor Eric wants everyone to know that he and his crew appreciate all the prayers, support & messages of encouragement very much!

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Share your thoughts:

Pat Redman
2012-07-08 6:46 PM

You are awesome.  I know you have a long road ahead of you, but God will give you strenth.  Keeps it up!

Ginny Kors
2012-07-09 2:44 PM

Eric, Amazing ride! Praying you feel God's Holy Spirit carry you as you move forward on your journey! Be surrounded by his protecting angels in having  a safe and healthy ride! You are doing it! Take Care to you and Sally , Love, Ginny  

Lin Grant
2012-07-10 11:33 AM

I love following this Tracker to see the progress thoughout the day!  It's nice to see current progress!

rodney lingscheit
2012-07-12 2:21 PM

Eric praying for you and knowGOD IS RIGHT THERE BESIDE .

Nadine Willis
2012-07-12 3:41 PM

I agree, this tracker lets me feel like I am along on the trip!  Go Eric and Lindal!!!  I could see my sisters house on Eric's route on day 2!!  How cool is that?

Karen Wenham
2012-07-12 4:35 PM

I agree the tracker is great. I check several times a day. I like knowing where you guys are. You are in my prayers.

Renee Martin
2012-07-17 2:18 PM

So.... you are near Nevada City Ghost Town - more cool history for Pam to explore!   Hope today's ride is going as good as the last two!

John Stanton
2012-07-28 1:16 AM

The progress of your journey has a great spiritual application as well. "Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." (Phil 3:13) Don't think about how far you've come or haven't come. But keep pressing onward, brother! In God's strength, you'll reach your desired destination. You've got the kingdom of heaven behind you! Blessings!

Janet Doseff
2012-08-09 1:10 AM

Love this tracker!!  It is so fun to check your progress every day.  I know your goal is for diapers for unfortunate babies, an admirable goal for sure, but do you have any idea the influence you are having on people who have health problems, especially heart, to get up off the couch and exercise.  Way to go!!